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Journey's End - Charles Cryer 2014

"There was a star of the show which would not have had a biography in the programme and that would be the set. It was dark, atmospheric and superbly designed, giving the play an almost filmic quality. Testament to this was seeing the audience spill onto the stage in the interval, desperate to explore every nook and cranny. A glance at the table revealed a treasure trove of maps and papers and oddments, all completely authentic. I cannot understate the level of detail that must have been put into this and special mention must to go the team for achieving it so thoroughly well." - Charlie Kentchin, 2014

Just So - Waterman's Theatre 2014


"Costumes (Mike Leopold) and choreography (Marcia Carr) were top-notch"  - Jeremy Chapman, 2014

Journey's End - Charles Cryer 2014

"Walking into the small theatre space at the Charles Cryer you are automatically transformed to WW1 trench life thanks to the brilliant skill set of Michael Leopold and lit by Ben Morrison" - Kristina Wolfsfeld, 2014

HALKA - POSK, Hammersmith 2014


"The set design cannot be ignored , prepared by Michael Leopold, that met every expectations of the viewers. Visual metaphors such as the statue of the 'Pensive church' underline the kind of heroes and tragic situation of the quintessence of rural piety, insensitive to the suffering of the poor." - Jolanta Ryba, 2014

RENT - Charles Cryer Theatre 2015


"The design itself is very effective; simple and grungy with tables used everything from doors to (spoiler alert) coffins. Indeed the simple and dark set complete with a battered old phone - is so effective it highlights the moments when the cast seem almost too clean and polished for their down-and-out-settings." - Chris Madden, 2015

RENT - Charles Cryer Theatre 2015


"The set was authentically bohemian and creatively designed by Michael Leopold with varying levels that enabled the chreography to flourish. It was altogether utterly engaging and transporting" - Emily D'Silva, 2015

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